2017 St John's Day Breakfast

R:.W:. Tommy Turlington came to Winter Park Lodge on St. John’s Day in 2017, never expecting that he would take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road. Here’s an excerpt from his “preparation” for a seat in the Grand East.

[Wicked Witch]:

“Bwah-ha-ha! There you are little Dorothy Turlington! You may have won the race for Junior Grand Warden with your pretty shoes but I’m coming for you! And your little dog too!

[Wicked Witch ‘flies’ away on her ‘broom’.]

[Tin Man]:

“What was that?”


“I don’t know. We’re really butchering this story.”

[Tin Man]:

“Let’s just get the Golden Mop and take it up to King Solomon for his inspection.”



[Tin Man]:

“I mean the Wizard of Oz…Most Worshipful Lynn…Whoever!

[Cowardly Lion]:

“Look! Look, there it is! At the South Gate! It’s the Golden Mop!”

[Tin Man]:

“This seems too easy, Dorothy!”

[Cowardly Lion]:

“Yeah…you go get it!”

[Scarecrow & Tin Man]:

“Yeah, you go. You go get it.”

[JGW goes and picks up Golden Mop.]

[Cowardly Lion]:

“What were you all so scared abouts? There was nothing to be scareds of! Nothing at all I tell you!”

You never know what will happen…

Join us on June 22nd for St. John’s Day at Winter Park Lodge.  This will be our 63rd Annual St. John’s Day Breakfast and we’re going to have a blast.

And this year, we are going to work to collect one ton of food for hungry children in central Florida! Bring a non-perishable item that morning and enjoy a free breakfast and a unique program for our next Junior Grand Warden. We can’t wait to see you!